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    Factions Inferno
    All factions are required to follow every rule. No exceptions will be made.​
    Multiple punishments will result in a faction strike. Earning 3 factions strikes will result with the disbanding of a faction and loss of value.

    Read ALL the rules!


    • Autocannons are not allowed. Any cannon that shoots by itself without player input is classified as a auto.
      • Unless under Y = 10 which is allowed ( for ex: 1 stackers )
    • Cannons must not exceed 3,000 Dispensers.

    • Cannons must not shoot faster than 3 seconds above Y:10.

    • Cannons must not shoot more than 1 shot per button press.

    • Cannons that intentionally lag the server are not allowed.

    • Roof Cannons are not allowed.
      • Any cannon that has tnt going over 255 is a roof cannon
    • Wall removers are not allowed.

    • You may Left/Right shoot only if you have already breached the main base.

    • Only one cannon is allowed in the same cannon box per raid claim
      • Only one cannon can shoot at enemy walls at the same time
    • It is heavily advised you build your walls to build limit and then water between your walls and not your roof. Have your walls built to world limit, water walls and between them.

    • You can only shoot cannons with buttons

    • Your cannon can only blow one wall per shot

    • Cannons may not shoot more than once per button push.
    1st Offence: 3 day ban and Faction Strike

    2nd Offence: 7 day ban and Faction Strike

    3rd Offence: 14 day ban and Faction Strike.

    (The player who built the cannon will be the one punished)

    Base Claims:

    • Each faction can only have one corner claim at a time. If an Alt faction is found to have one an announcement will be made in game and a claiming event will occur for all
      • Any faction caught with more than one corner will be asked to remove it or a Sr. Mod+ will unclaim it.

      • The faction that has a claim in the actual corner will recieve it and all other claims removed

      • A faction is allowed only 1 buffer and as many cactus/sugarcane farms as they want, all other hidden bases with value will result in a faction warn until the base is removed
    • Max Buffer Size of 20 Chunks.
      • The number of chunks starting from your base walls must be 20 or less. We will ask you to remove the excessive claims or they will be removed by a Sr. Mod+.
    • There must be 20 chunks between your base claims and another base. This is so you cannot use an alt faction to protect your own base with.
    • You cannot have more than a 1 chunk gap between your base walls and all surrounding walls. Meaning there cannot be a chunk gap between any walls.
      • This is to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at raiding each other.
    • Counter Cannon Claims must not line up your base.
      • You are only allowed to make a counter cannon claim if it doesn’t line up with your base walls.
    • “Bitch Claims” are not allowed during Grace Period.
      • Whoever owns the claim against the border will receive the corner.

      • You may use “bitch claims” after TNT has enabled.
    1st Offence: Faction Strike

    2nd Offence: Faction Strike

    3rd Offence: Faction Strike


    • If you get rolled back value it will be put in the pv of a coleader or leader of your faction (if a coleader is on ingame it will be given to him rather than a leader offline) and the faction will have 10 hours to place them
      • Placing spawners in a random hole and claiming it in wild is strongly not advised as it is really easy to find and raid quickly

    Raid Claims:

    • Maximum Raid Claim sizes must be 10 chunks x 10 chunks.
      • 10x10 is the maximum size, you can have anything under this of course but it may not go over it.

      • Any faction with a bigger raid claim will be warned and asked to remove the excessive land.
    • You May Only Have 1 Raid Claim Per Base
      • This is to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to raid a faction.
    • You may not make “fake” alt claims to protect your base.

    • Raid claims 150 chunks away from the edge of a enemy buffer does not count as a raid claim

    • Regen Walls and Automatic Walls Are Not Allowed

    • Printer Patching / Using Genbuckets / Using disguises / Using /Fly to Patch During a Raid is Not Allowed (this specific rule will only result in banning)
      • Anyone caught using printer to patch or using genbuckets or disguises or /fly to patch to regen walls during a raid will be banned for an appropriate amount of time.

      • Patching in Wilderness in bannable

      • You may not use a genbucket at all during a raid. A raid is if a cannon is shooting at your walls and continuously, after a cannon has stopped entirely shooting or can no longer shoot you must wait 5 minutes before patching (genbuckets and printer)
    • “Unraidable” Defenses Are Not Allowed.
      • This includes mini cobblestone walls, banners, fences, enchanting tables, iron bars, anvils, cobwebs, and signs.

      • This also includes using enchantment tables to block up hoppers or other objects inside of a base.
    • The Use of Redstone on/inside Base Walls is NOT Allowed.
      • This includes using redstone and/or carpet on base walls.

      • No raid alerts / bots to alert of raiding allowed!
    • Blocking Spawners is Not Allowed
      • This includes placing obsidian blocks or anything that makes your spawners unceggable.

      • You may not water or lava your spawners!
    • You may not blow up your spawners whether it be by TNT or creeper eggs, doing so will result in a ban.

    • Nether portals are not allowed as a base defense.

    1st Offense: Faction strike + temp/perm ban

    2nd Offense: Faction strike + temp/perm ban

    3rd Offense: Faction strike + temp/perm ban

    Counter Cannons:

    • Countering a counter cannon and splitting its box from behind is NOT allowed

    • Any claim outside your buffer in an attempt to defend it cannot be bigger than a 5x5 chunk claim


    • During a raid, no other faction is allowed to intervene except the defending and attacking factions (plus their 1 ally faction each)
      • If any other faction is at the defending factions walls they will be told to leave (if a player leaves his own faction to join the defending group (defending faction + ally faction) or attacking group they will be told to rejoin their faction, if ignored then it will result in a temp ban for the player joining the group

      • If the attacking group tp players from other factions it will result in a faction being warned for the attacking group (both factions)
    • You may not raid your ally and if you wish to you may only do so 15 minutes after making them your enemy

    • Only 1 faction is allowed to attempt an enemy buffer at a time

    • After a cannon has properly attempted an enemy buffer (at least 10 walls through) another faction can only shoot and attempt the same buffer 30 minutes after
      • Only cannons that nuke the buffer walls need to follow this rule so 1 stackers or cannons that don’t use a nuke can directly attempt after someone else’s attempt
        • This means that if you disable a nuke on a cannon for 30 minutes then enable it to continue a raid IT IS ALLOWED

    Misc rules, value:

    A player may not have +200 million balance at all times. If you have more than 2 people in your faction or 1 the same IP that has max bal it is hiding value and will asked to place value. Additionally, ways of getting around this rule such as 10 accounts 100 million or similar are NOT allowed.

    The rule for hiding value will be as follows: place all spawners and value at all times unless moving your base (then make a ticket in Discord with -new and let us know). Value must not be hidden or be placed in a chunk as in “filling a hole” or all placed on the same y-level. The base all your value will be in is your main base (your buffer) or a base with at least 20 walls (if the base is underground then it counts as +20 walls so you are fine)

    The Payout and SS rule are now: A screenshot of F-Top leaderboard will be taken every Friday 3PM EST. The final SS will be taken Sunday 3PM EST and if a faction has more value than on the previous one or if during that weekend value has gone up by some spawners some payout will be deducted (if it was enough to surpass another faction the payout will be reduced to $0 for your faction). The final SS will have the factions that will get the payout later that day.
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